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5 Fast And Cheap Ways To Make Money Online

5 fast and cheap ways to make money online; I know a lot of people both young and old have always been surfing the internet to find real ways and working ways of making legit money online with your mobile phone, tablet, or Computer staying in the comfort of your house.

As far as you are willing to do all it takes to have nor to acquire a good standard of living then no work is too small especially in this era of the pandemic (caused by the Corona Virus) plus the shifting in workspaces that the pandemic has brought about, now everyone is talking about making money online by all cost but if you are ready and willing then I will show you 5 fast and easy ways to make money online all you need is passion and patience.


How to make money online

Gone are those days where the internet was dominated by writing alone and thereby cutting out those who couldn’t nor doesn’t have the passion for writing so, therefore, they were feeling so left out in the space that wasn’t until the introduction of Youtube by Google. Youtube is a platform whereby people can share their knowledge or pass information using the video audio format.

This one platform has turned a lot of people into millionaires that is if you know what you are doing. You can display anything on Youtube only what you need is to choose your niche and you are good to go no start-up fee just create your content and scale yourself to being monetized and start making money online for a free or low cost.


How to make money online

Do you have good writing skills? Then you can make cool money online from a few bucks to making millions just writing.

Remember when I said one of the major ways of making money online was writing and yes it is still one of the best ways of making money online.

All you need to do also is to choose your desired niche ( this is a particular subject you are very conversant with e.g Fashion, Sports.).

You can make money writing for other blogs or you can successfully Open your blog and start publishing content that is if you have the capital for the startup if not you can use some fore website builders like “Blogger” etc but with a subdomain but you can still earn through it.


Online Courses

Selling an online course is also a very lucrative way of making money online. If you are very good at a particular thing or niche and you think so many people will be willing to pay to buy courses on that niche then you should consider creating a course for that niche and sell.

And doing that is very easy with the help of Udemy and Teachable you can create and sell your course with ease and with zero hassle.


E Book

Have you ever thought of publishing a book? But you are always scared of the cost of publication then you need to fear no more because you can still write, publish and sell that same book but as an Ebook.

All you need is to know the type of and book you want to write and those who are interested in it, this will help in the process of your audience targeting and sometimes you don’t need to spend much all you need is to create your Ebook and publish using Amazon or any other publishing platforms online but Amazon has been one of the best.


How to make money online

Blogging might not make you money Immediately after opening but trust my blogging is a passive way of making money In the sense that your posts of over 2 years can still be making you thousands of dollars without you doing anything.

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Blogging has to do with patience, consistency, and passion in other for you to start earning by writing. One of the best parts of blogging is the numerous ways in which you can monetize your content lets talk about some ways you can monetize your content.


Affiliate Marketing

This has to do with you promoting Other peoples products on your website and being paid either by per signup (For sites or companies that offer services) or by Per sales (For sites or companies that sell products) you are being paid by a percentage which will be communicated to you by the company before sign up.

Selling Of Products (Either Physical Or By Dropshipping)

If you have a physical store or shop you can offer your products or will I say promote your products via your website or blog.


Google Is one of the fastest-growing companies in the world and also they love content creators a lot that was why they created a platform for bloggers to monetize their content and make some cool cash.

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Onyekachi Victor Chidubem is a prolific writer and also a content creator cutting across other platforms, Onyekachi Victor Chidubem is the CEO of Naija Mayor accessible via

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