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5 Things That You Do That Destroys The First Impression

No matter what you do in life as far as it has something to do with business then it’s a must you will have to meet and interact with new people across your space or profession whereby you will interact, go into a partnership agreement with and transact; so, therefore, you need trust among yourselves and also a good first impression about each other.

What comes to your mind when you meet people or someone for the first time? I know a lot of questions right? You will begin to ask questions like; are they intelligent, annoying, funny, neat, etc.

The list can go on endlessly but how you perceive other people will play a very big role in the future between you and them. So, therefore, making or giving a very good first impression is very crucial.

When you make a very good impression towards someone or an organization they will tend to make nor give excuses for your lapses in the nearest future because he or she is maintaining the first impression as a mental image of you.

So, therefore, you had succeeded in making a very good first impression at the beginning which will surely stand out in the future yet to come.

So in this article, I will be sharing with you 5 things that you do that automatically destroys your first impression;

Disregard For Others

It is very interesting to find people in the same space or network with you who think people have little or nothing to offer them so they disregard them.

They don’t ever think nor want to believe that you are better than them, this set of people hardly makes new friends and when they are in one trouble or the other and needs help they might not find anyone willing to help them.

A Weak Hand Shake

First Impression

You won’t believe what a mere handshake has to tell about you and so doing when you get it wrong it might send the wrong signal to others about you.

But a strong handshake to other people is it either your friends or business partners shows exactly how trustworthy driven and prepared you are.

You need to learn how to get your handshakes right this is because a weak handshake can convey a message that you are weak-spirited and may not possess the capacity to function effectively.

Appearing To Try Too Hard

Have you ever seen people who put on things bigger than them? They usually put on big glasses, big suits, and then getting easily spotted in a networking event and also try hard to greet everyone and end up not talking to anyone; they also awkwardly hold their eyeglasses.

No matter where you go try as much as you can to be yourself, yes it might not seem so proper but it will surely leave a good impression on you.

Smiling A Fake Smile

For some reason, people cannot tell when a smile Is fake or real. If you think you are supposed to smile in a certain situation then you are probably right but giving off a fake smile can convey the information that you are a fake person(one who lives a fake life).

If you are not feeling happy then don’t smile, this is because people prefer real people to those who go around living fake lives.

Speaking More Than You Listen

This is common with most people who love to talk too much, some people don’t love those people who talk too much.

If you want to make a super first impression then you need to listen more than you speak, if you speak more than you listen then you may lose the attention of your listener, you may also end up ruining that opportunity and so, therefore, creating a wrong or bad first impression.

Onyekachi Victor Chidubem is a prolific writer and also a content creator cutting across other platforms, Onyekachi Victor Chidubem is the CEO of Naija Mayor accessible via

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