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Exclusive: Top 8 Extraordinary People Around The World Today



Are you curious to know people who have broken the world record and how dey did it here we complied a list of people who have broken the world record with their gifted and amazing abilities that will leave u mouth dropping here are the list of 8 extraordinary people who have broken the world record.

World Heaviest Man

To display a fat man on a chair

His name is John Brower minnoch (September 29, 1941, to September 10, 1983) he is an American man who at first pack weight was the heaviest Jan in the world weighing 1400Ib (635 kilograms 100stone).

Longest Tongue

This is meant to display a man with a lotg tongue

Nick steeberl claims to have the longest tongue in the world his tongue is about (3.98inc)

Biggest Eye Pop

To display a woman with the biggest eye pop

Kim Good Manis the lady with the biggest eye pop in the world.

Longest Nose

Display of a man with longest nose

Mehmet Ozyureck has confirmed to have the longest nose in the world his nose is about (8.8cm).

Shortest Adult Man

Picture of the shortest adult man

Chandra Bahadur Dangi is the shortest adult man in the world

Longest neck

Picture of a boy with the longest neck

Strechiest skin

Picture of a boy with stretchiest skin

His name is Gary Turner his from the USA his skin in the world and can stretch for about (138cm)

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Longest finger

Picture of woman with longest finger

Lee Redmond is the woman who earned herself a Guinness world record for owning the longest fingernails.

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