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Pastor Dare Adeboye burial photos



The remains of pastor Dare Adeboye the third son of the general overseer of the RCCG Pastor Enoch Adeboye has been laid to rest

The General overseer of the Redeem Christian Church of God (RCCG) Bishop Enoch Adeboye has lost his son, pastor Dare Adeboye.

Pastor Dare Adeboye would have turned 43 by June 9, 2021, he was the “first miracle son” of pastor Adeboye and the third child of the family.

He was said to have reported to his bed yesterday but was dead by morning in his sleep.

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Dare Adeboye was neither sick nor on medication when the task incident happened.

According to reports it was when his wife Temilowa Adeboye who noticed her husband’s unusual sleeping hours and could not reach him on the phone that raised the alarm and he was discovered dead.

The head of media and public relations RCCG, pastor Olaitan Olubiyi however confirmed the tragedy on Thursday morning.

He said ” it’s true .the incident happened in Eket where news based we don’t have details for now till further research is done.

Dare would have been 43 years old next month in June.

On his 42nd birthday, his Dad Adeboye on socials media post described him on his Facebook page “our first miracle child pray that God will keep his miraculous working power in your life and all those who need a miracle today will use you as a point of contact for their own in Jesus name (Amen) love from dearest Dad, mom, and the whole Adeboye dynasty”

The late man of God was the third son of a revered cleric and RCCG overseer Enoch Adeboye he was neither sick nor on medication when the tragic incident happened.

The church which announced the death on Thursday, May 6 had also confirmed that the pastor’s death was not due to covid-19 infections adding that “he was in good health before he went to bed and died in his sleep”.

Mrs. Tomitope Adeboye wife of the late pastor Dare Adeboye in her tribute to her husband during the service of songs on Monday said he is not dead, but only asleep.

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